Why Hire an Attorney with Criminal and Family Law Experience?

Sometimes when a person is arrested and charged with a crime a situation arises where there is a family dispute or separation with their spouse and children. This is a difficult situation for anyone. It is imperative you hire an attorney that has experience in both criminal defense and family law or CPS cases.

There are several reasons why hiring an attorney with experience in both criminal and family law is in your best interest.

1. Knowledge of the Procedure and the Law in Both Types of Cases

It is rare that a person’s criminal charge and family case are in the same court. The cases will have different deadlines and timelines. It is very important that whatever defense you have is not contradicted or affected by the way you address the other court. The witnesses will be under different rules in the various types of cases and will be allowed to testify to different issues which may be important in future hearings.

In a criminal case, you as the person charged with allegedly committing the crime cannot be compelled to testify in your own trial. This is not true in a family law hearing and it is quite common that a spouse or CPS will try to get you to testify on the record, under oath, about any alleged criminal conduct. It is essential you have a plan for these situations and take into account the ramifications of your criminal trial.

2. Save Money on Attorney Fees

If you have an attorney representing you on both cases, the prep work and communication with potential witnesses are not repeated and are more efficient. It is also beneficial to have evidence gathered, reports reviewed, and witness statements taken by the same attorney. In a family law case, it is extremely difficult in some situations to get information from law enforcement which you are entitled to receive in your criminal case. The same is also true for getting information from witnesses in your family law case that is not working with the police.

If you are involved in a family law situation and you are worried that your spouse has committed a criminal offense, having a family law attorney with experience in criminal law will allow you to communicate with law enforcement and the district attorney’s office which may assist in your family case to secure the custody orders you are seeking.

CPS, family, and criminal law are factually tangled in many cases and one will certainly affect the other. It is your best bet to have an attorney experienced in handling each and every facet of your legal issues, regardless if you are the one charged with a criminal charge or involved as a family member in these situations.

3. Implications of Criminal Charges on Your Rights Relating to Your Children

It is extremely important that a parent contacts an attorney with criminal and family law experience if they are facing charges of family violence or protective order in Shelby County, Jefferson County, or St. Clair County. If you are facing these sorts of charges the family court Judge may have the authority to modify your conservatorship with your child thereby limiting your rights to make decisions on behalf of your child.

If you are charged with a crime you are still innocent of the charge before your criminal case is concluded. It is important to have an attorney who will make sure no overreactions are taken in family court that are not warranted and unnecessary.

A criminal and family law attorney has successfully helped and represented clients that have multiple issues in their cases including charges of domestic violence, stalking, assault, child abuse, and juvenile crimes.

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