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Alabama Civil Lawsuits


We have handled a wide range of civil cases and settled over a million dollars in claims for our clients collectively in the past five years. We are confident in our ability to handle serious criminal and civil cases. We often work closely with other attorneys in these matters to achieve maximum results.

Some of the matters we have handled and the results include:

  • Automobile accidents – We have handled several claims for clients including several where we have obtained policy limits for our clients. We have been involved in many cases where we have negotiated settlements with insurance companies on behalf of our clients.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Claims – We have helped clients whose employers failed to pay them due wages in violation of Federal Law. If you are owed money from your employer even if you are accused of a crime and terminated, we may be able to help you recover this money.
  • Slip and Fall – We have obtained several settlements for clients who have slipped on objects on different premises. We settled one case for over $20,000 in which two other attorneys had told the client that they believed that they did not have a winnable case and refused to take the case.
  • Governmental collections: We have represented a business client who was owed more than $200,000 of dollars from several governmental entities. Through due diligence, persistence and hard work we were able to secure payment.
  • Police Misconduct – We recently settled a case for a client who was mistreated by the police based on a stop made on false pretenses. We settled for an undisclosed amount.
  • Wrongful Foreclosures – We are working on cases where homeowners were foreclosed upon and various violations of the law were made by mortgage companies. Please call us to discuss if you have been foreclosed upon anytime in the past year.

These are simply examples and cannot be used as guarantees that handling your case will produce the same results. All cases have unique facts involved.

Civil Law in Alabama

Litigation is a serious matter and this helps settle disputes between two involved parties in court. This can take months or maybe years to finalize. As you know, there are several divisions or branches of law out there such as civil law or criminal law to name some. When you say civil law, this involves things that deal with negligence and other related stuff which a civil suit lawyer who specializes in the proceedings is needed. Folks who need legal help, in particular, may get help from a lawyer when they are involved in cases of contract and property disputes, accidents, commercial arguments and many others.

Generally, a reliable civil suit lawyer is someone who handles civil lawsuits for clients. They gather facts and evidences, prepare and file the needed paperwork, try cases and work out negotiations. Anyone who wants to find one ought to learn about the lawyer’s qualifications, reputation and client reviews in order to get the best outcome and services. Of course, these legal professionals should be admitted or registered with their state bar association. Once an attorney for the plaintiff, or a party who decides for a lawsuit, goes to court and file a complaint, cases formally begin. Then, the stage of discovery ensues. What does this mean? This is known as the longest process in the litigation where civil suit lawyers collect facts and evidences to support the client’s case. You must know that documents such as correspondence, medical records, financial statements, employment records to name some are appropriate support.

Civil suit lawyers, at present, are in for major and competitive job openings and employment is expected to rise by more than 10% for the next three years. If you decide to become one, job growth and opportunities abound for this line of work and compensation typically varies depending on the state, experience and certain employers or law firms.

How to Choose a civil suit lawyer?

Legal Firms either focus on one area, these as Criminal Defense Attorneys handling Criminal Cases issues, or the offices have specialists from just about all places of the law. Your needs as a client determine if you choose on the list of Specialist or Major Law Offices. As with any service, the provider’s relationship is normally of equal or more importance than the skills or resources the lawyer can provide to your matter.

Not all Lawyers work in private practice. There are different types of organizations they may operate with.

Special Interest Attorney

Other lawyers handle public-interest cases – criminal or possibly human rights game changers. Special Interest Lawyer concentrate on hot issues and choosing issues that might change the way courts rule.

Corporate Lawyers

Attorneys can be hired permanently for a one consumer. If the client is actually a organization, the Attorney is known as “house counsel”, and so usually advises the business on legal matters associated to its business issues. These matters might involve property interests, government regulations, patents, general contracts, or collective-bargaining agreements with unions.

Government Lawyers

Many attorneys are employed by governments. The amounts of governments can vary from parish to regional up to state and federal.
In America, some attorneys are employed by and public defenders in criminal courts. In the Federal level, lawyers investigate files to the DoJ and other companies.