Alabama DUI – Third Offenses

DUI In Alabama Third Offense

Did you know that, if you are facing a third driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Alabama, you could be looking at a number of serious criminal penalties? Indeed, as a habitual drunk driver, you can expect to receive little leniency if you are convicted of a third offense. Here’s what you need to know if you have been charged with a third DUI in Alabama.

Alabama’s DUI Look-Back Period

When it comes to drunk driving, state law imposes a five-year look-back period. In simple terms, this means that the prosecution will use your previous driving history to determine the extent of your charge. If you have been convicted of one or more DUIs within the last five years, you are considered a repeat offender—and if you have two convictions within that period, that means you will be charged with a third offense.

Criminal Penalties For A 3rd DUI

If you are convicted of a third drunk driving charge, you can expect to spend at least 60 days behind bars; however, depending on the circumstances, you could face up to a year of jail time. In addition to this, you may also be fined up to $10,000 and lose your license for three years or more. In some cases, the judge may also order you to complete a court-approved alcohol treatment and/or driver’s education program.

Once you are convicted of a third DUI, it is important to know that any subsequent offense will be classified as a felony. This means that if you are arrested for a fourth time, you will face the harshest sentencing guidelines of all—and, if you are convicted of felony DUI, you may even lose your right to vote, obtain a passport, and purchase a firearm.

Of course, being arrested for drunk driving does not mean that you will automatically be convicted of the offense in criminal court. With the right legal strategy, you may be able to challenge the evidence against you and avoid many of the consequences of a DUI conviction. In fact, many drivers are able to get their DUI charges reduced or dismissed entirely—and all it takes is help from an experienced attorney.

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