Fantastic Lawyer

APRIL 8, 2016

He was amazing. I received a not guilty verdict (DUI Case) because of my lawyer. He followed up with the ADA. He made her prove that I was under the influence & she couldn’t do it. The judge actually said, “you have a good lawyer”.

Criminal Case

FEBRUARY 24, 2015

I’ll forever be thankful to Jim (James Ransom) for his help with my case. He was professional, knowledgeable, responsive and compassionate throughout the entire case.

Criminal Case

MAY 19, 2015

I strongly and highly recommend attorney Jim Ransom. He was great got a harrassment charge dismissed with only paying court cost. He also kept me informed throughout the whole case and stood by me answering any and all questions professionally .I would use him again and again if I needed. Thanks for everything Jim Ransom you were (GREAT)!!!!

Incredibly helpful, caring and intelligent! Could never have imagined how smooth and easy he made the process.

APRIL 8, 2016

Jim was able to represent me (DUI Case) in Alabama while I was in Nashville. He explained everything to me thoroughly and made sure I felt comfortable and confident through out the process. He was friendly and kind and the perfect advocate/representative for me with the district attorney’s office. I could not have asked for a better or more competent lawyer. He will fight for you!

Criminal Defense (Drug Possession)

AUGUST 29, 2016

Our lawyer (Jim) did an awesome job. He showed up and handled our case and got our case settled with only 2 court dates in what we thought would take a year or longer to settle! He also had really good prices that we were actually able to afford. I would recommend Jim for any of your criminal cases because he knew what he was doing when we walked in his office from day one. He stayed in touch and kept us informed on our case so we knew all of our options the entire process. Excellent criminal defense attorney! Our case was dropped from a felony to a misdemeanor which was great on our behalf.